ORV Tourism Economic Impact Tracking

Post date: Jul 18, 2018 4:32:21 AM

Please have a look at the following information request from ATVBC. Any information you can provide will help in furthering our riding opportunities.

As ORV tourism is in its infancy in BC, there is extremely limited data regarding ORV tourism impact therefore we are working towards compiling stats from ORV travellers so would be immensely appreciated if you could please complete the attached and encourage others in your travelling groups to do the same, as the information collected will be used to support and substantiate the value of ORV tourism in community and trails master plans.

Tourism is a key factor in determining trail usage with many trails master plans being conducted around the province including the KVR therefore is vital that we obtain this data to support our claims that ORV tourism can have a substantial positive impact on rural communities. This information will also greatly assist our efforts to streamline the operation permit process to allow ride in access to local towns for food/fuel/lodging to accommodate tourism.

There are two different forms attached, the manual form is formatted to print and fill in by hand, and the online form is formatted for easy online inputting. Please forward completed forms to kim@atvbc.ca