New Bridge on the East Touring Trail

posted Dec 4, 2016, 10:00 PM by George Hohnisch

We would like to thank the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) for funding this project and the following sponsors for their generous donations. Without their generosity the bridge installation would not have been possible. 

CANFOR, DWB Consulting Services Ltd., Formula Contractors Ltd., and volunteers from the PGATV Club. 

Xmas Lunch

posted Nov 28, 2016, 11:36 AM by George Hohnisch

This year in place of the December General Meeting, we will be getting together December 20th at the Carmel Restaurant for lunch. They will have a section set aside for us and seating will be available starting at 11:45 am. Members will have the option of the buffet or ordering from the menu, posted prices apply.  For planning purposes please advise John if you plan to take part. 


posted Nov 11, 2016, 12:00 PM by George Hohnisch

Click on the link below to see how much Canadians have spend on ATV's and ROV's (side by sides) You maybe surprised. 

Brushing of the Viper, George Creek and Sawdust Trails

posted Oct 27, 2016, 2:11 PM by George Hohnisch   [ updated Oct 29, 2016, 9:30 PM ]

Trail brushing and clearing of dead falls on the George Creek, Viper and Sawdust Trails was made possible by the generosity of the following sponsors: Quad Riders Association of BC (ATVBC) , Cycle North Powersports, Forest Power Sports, Prince George ATV Club, Prince George Motorsports, Recreation Sites and Trails BC and the volunteers from the PGATV Club. Below are a few before and after photos. 
Some 28 kilometers were bushed.  


Volunteers at Work

posted Sep 5, 2016, 9:12 PM by George Hohnisch

A few photos of some members installing signs where outhouses are not ready visible on the trails and cleaning out the culverts on the Dorothy Lake Trail.

Yamaha Cabin Face Lift

posted Aug 10, 2016, 10:07 PM by George Hohnisch   [ updated Aug 10, 2016, 10:12 PM ]

To all, special thanks to the Volunteers that assisted in doing some much needed painting, and cleaning of the Yamaha Cabin, the following  John Ruston, Bob & Sue Stewart, Jeff Mohr, Bob Orr, along with three members of the Snowmobile Club, Meghan, Steve and Mary spent many hours this past Monday doing the job, the pictures speak for it all. 

ATVBC Newsletter

posted Aug 8, 2016, 12:01 PM by George Hohnisch

The August copy of the ATVBC Newsletter has been posted and contains an item regarding out ride to Wells. 


posted Jun 29, 2016, 1:31 PM by George Hohnisch   [ updated Jun 29, 2016, 1:36 PM ]

The Prince George ATV Club would like to thank everyone who helped make our 2016 poker ride a huge success. This event truly represented ATV riders coming together to help raise funds for trail improvements and would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors and volunteers.


Cycle North Power Sports, Forest Power Sports, Prince George Motorsports, NR Motors Ltd., Canadian, Tire KK Motors, Lordco Parts Ltd., Interior OffRoad, Spruce Credit Union, Summit Power Tools, Northern Toyota, Power River ATV Club, Bob Orr, John Ruston, Dorothy McCoy, Marlaine Mohr, Tanya Barett and friends. 

Tabor Mountain Riding Tracks

posted Apr 11, 2016, 9:49 AM by George Hohnisch

The following link will provide you with some mapping information for enjoying the trails on Tabor Mountain. Further tracks will be added as they become available.

Off Road Vehicle Registration and Safety Provisions

posted Oct 18, 2015, 5:05 PM by George Hohnisch   [ updated Oct 18, 2015, 5:05 PM ]

Off-road vehicle registration and safety provisions are mandatory on Crown land effective Nov. 1, 2015, following passage of regulations in support of the Off-Road Vehicle Act.

Click on link below to read news release. 

Off-road vehicle registration mandatory on Nov. 1

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